Risk of Rain Returns – How to Unlock The Enforcer

So with the release of Risk of Rain Returns, many players are looking to fill out their character and item rosters. The first of which, more-than-likely being The Enforcer. The Enforcer is unlocked simply by killing the 3 earliest bosses, Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant and Colossus. It doesn’t need to all be in the same run, and you’re basically guarenteed to unlock them within the first 30 minutes or so of playing.

In-House CQC Specialist

A screen shot of the character

On paper, The Enforcer plays like a standard “Tank” character – slow, short-ranged and bulky. In practice you’re looking to avoid sticking to that sort of playstyle. From my experience, you should be aiming to stack early movement speed, attack speed and healing.

Surviving as the Enforcer can be an uphill battle due to his painfully slow movement speed and unforgiving skillset. Core items like Boxing Gloves, Permafrost, and Warbanner are essential for increasing his ability to evade enemies or delay their advance. Recommended healing items include Mysterious Vial, Medkit, and Leeching Seed to make up for the Enforcer’s lack of innate sustain.

The Enforcer’s primary means of dealing damage is his Riot Shotgun, capable of blowing away groups of enemies at close range. However, his main utility lies in crowd control abilities like Shield Slam. Proper positioning and timing of Shield Slam is crucial for interrupting dangerous enemies or buying time to reposition. Items like Will-o’-the-wisp, Brilliant Behemoth, and Gasoline can further augment Shield Slam’s disruptive potential. Protect and Serve can be a deceptively powerful defensive tool, but requires judicious use as the Enforcer is basically immobilized while using it. Certain elite enemies and attacks can bypass the protective barrier entirely, so players must be ready to disengage.

Overall, mastering the Enforcer requires understanding and adapting to his limitations. His toolkit demands more strategic planning and positioning compared to more mobile survivors. While devastating against groups when played well, he may falter against problematic single targets.

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