Unlocking the Secret Robomando Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns

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Robomando is currently the only secret survivor in Risk of Rain Returns. Getting access to this rare survivor requires completing two meticulously planned runs that will test your skills. Follow these steps to add Robomando to your roster of playable characters.

The First Run: Strange Battery Acquisition

A screenshot of a Rare Robomando Survivor in a pixel art game

Your first run will be all about getting your hands on the crucial Strange Battery item. We recommend Drizzle difficulty for beginners here, since the goal is just to get through these steps rather than fully complete the run.

Progress through the first 5 stages until you reach the Temple of the Elders. Search the far left side of the map until you discover a breakable clay pot containing the Strange Battery. Pick this item up and continue through the run.

When you reach the final stage (Contact Light), head right and drop down the cliff to find a group of stone golems. Interact with the Rift Chest in this area while carrying the Strange Battery and it will store the item for your next run.

Now finish the run either by dying or defeating the final boss. The important thing is to start a fresh run afterwards to complete the unlock process.

The Second Run: Robot Delivery

Your second run will be on Rainstorm or Monsoon difficulty, so prepare for a challenge. Play until stage 2 and locate another Rift Chest. Interact with it to retrieve the Strange Battery from your previous run.

Clear stage 3 and its boss, then wait at the teleporter until the timer hits exactly 22:00. This will teleport you to stage 4. Now look around for a small robot with a green arrow over its head and give it the Strange Battery.

Finally, let this robot kill you. This sacrificial death will unlock the Robomando survivor permanently. Enjoy playing as this rare character on future runs!

With the Strange Battery as the key item and these precisely timed steps, you’ll be able to add Robomando to your roster.

Tiny Size, Huge Potential

A screenshot showcasing the rare Robomando Survivor unlocking in Risk of Rain Returns main menu.

This tiny little fighter doesn’t have any extra unlockable abilities like other survivors, but he doesn’t really need it. The kit is a slightly weaker version of the Commando, but with probably the best ability in the game with Re-wire – a 5 second cooldown free opening of any interactable mechanical object, drones, chests and equipment stations are all fair game.

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