Risk of Rain Returns – Unlocking CHEF and Cooking Up A Storm

CHEF is one of the most unique and powerful characters in Risk of Rain Returns. Unlocking this master chef requires some specific steps, but the reward is a formidable fighter who can dominate the battlefield through culinary chaos. Here is everything you need to know about obtaining CHEF and using his abilities to cook up trouble.

Unlocking CHEF

To unlock CHEF, you must collect 5 specific items in a single run:

  • Meat Nugget: White Common Item.
  • Bustling Fungus: White Common Item.
  • Sprouting Egg: White Common Item.
  • Bitter Root: White Common Item.
  • Foreign Fruit: Orange Equipment Item.

Once you have all 5 items, the notification “A Masterful Chef” will appear, signaling CHEF is now available to play. If you’re struggling to obtain all 5 of them, we recommend using the Artifact of Command.

CHEF’s Abilities

CHEF's Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns.

CHEF wields a massive cleaver and pan in battle, dishing out punishment through various culinary skills:

  • DICE/MINCE: Throw cleavers in a line, boomeranging back for return damage.
  • SEAR/BLAZE: Cook/Blaze enemies at close range, knocking them away when cooked/blazed.
  • GLAZE/MARINATE: Ride a wave of oil to slow enemies. MARINATE also stuns them.
  • SECOND HELPING: Prepare a meal to empower the next ability.

CHEF excels at area of effect damage and crowd control. Using GLAZE/MARINATE to slow groups then hitting them with SEAR/BLAZE and DICE/MINCE combos is effective. Always use HELPING to boost your next big attack.

Mastering the Menu

While CHEF lacks mobility, proper positioning and kiting lets you cook up carnage. Don’t let enemies surround you. Use MARINATE oil waves to control groups, striking them with cleavers as they approach. DICE and MINCE should hit multiple foes when possible for maximum effectiveness. SEAR/BLAZE enemies one by one and keep them at a distance.

Save SECOND/FULL HELPING for big encounters like bosses or large groups. With the right items and strategy, CHEF can prepare a winning recipe from his victims. Master the menu and CHEF will quickly become your favorite character!

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