Risk of Rain Returns – Full Acrid Guide

If you haven’t played the original Risk of Rain yet, you might be wondering what the vaguely ominous unlock requirement of “Free the chained creature” might ask of you. It’s pretty simple, Acrid is hidden away in the Sunken Tombs area and must be defeated in combat to unlock. The crate containing Acrid can usually be found in the top right corner of the map.

Poison, Poison and More Poison

Acrid's abilities in Risk of Rain Returns.

Festering Wounds – Acrid’s basic attack applies a stacking poison DoT effect on enemies. Multiple applications will increase the poison damage, making this ability scale well into the late game. The poison stacks infinitely but lasts only a few seconds.

Neurotoxin – Acrid spits a glob of toxic bile at enemies that poisons and briefly slows anything hit. This provides a ranged poisoning option to compliment Festering Wounds.

Caustic Sludge – Acrid secretes deadly sludge in an area around himself, heavily poisoning and damaging nearby enemies. This ability can also slow enemies that walk through it, making it useful for escapes. Caustic Sludge has a long 17 second cooldown but lasts nearly 15 seconds when used.

Epidemic – Unleashes a spreading plague that passes through all terrain and infects any enemies it touches. Epidemic has unlimited range and persists for roughly 8 seconds while spreading. Any on-hit effects will be applied by Epidemic, increasing its utility substantially.

Recommended Items and Playstyle

As a melee character, Acrid benefits greatly from movement speed increases to quickly apply Festering Wounds. The poison from Festering Wounds also scales with critical hit chance and damage. Therefore, items like Syringes, Goat Hooves, and Crit Glasses are extremely effective on Acrid.

For defense, Soldier’s Syringe provides sustainability from the lifesteal on Festering Wounds. Crowbars can further amplify the damage dealt by stacking poison DoTs. Stun items like Concussion Grenades help Acrid stay safe in close combat.

For offense, focus on Epidemic’s long range and terrain-piercing capabilities. On-kill effect items like Gasoline and Will-o-the-wisp will trigger from Epidemic’s infections. This allows Acrid to wipe out whole groups at a time. Backup Magazines and Cooldown reductions items are also very valuable for having Epidemic ready more often.

In summary, Acrid provides a poisonous playstyle that rewards careful application of toxins. Make use of the character’s mobility and range to whittle down groups of enemies through sustained DoT effects. The right items can turn Acrid into a plague-spreading powerhouse. Just be careful not to get overwhelmed by taking too many foes head on. Master the art of hit-and-run poisoning and Acrid will carry you through the toughest challenges of Risk of Rain Returns.

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