Warframe’s Companion 2.0 Rework Makes Pets More Powerful Than Ever

So, Panzer Vulpaphylas aren’t the mandatory pet anymore.

Companions have always been an essential part of the Warframe experience, offering various utility benefits like ammo and loot collection, enemy radar, and even map enhancements. However, pets and sentinels were left behind in terms of power and survivability compared to our friends from Deimos. This changed with the Companion 2.0 rework in Warframe’s recent Abyss of Dagath update, making our furry and robotic friends truly unkillable and synergistic teammates.

Companion Types: Robotic vs Beasts

A screenshot of the Warframe video game with a robotic companion in it.

The Companion 2.0 update has effectively turned pets and sentinels into powerhouses, capable of dishing out serious damage against even the toughest enemies. The rework also introduced an armor system and made companions unkillable during missions through the Bleedout system. Let’s take a look at the improvements to our companions and the various ways we can build and utilize them post-update.

Warframe companions fall into two categories – Robotic (Sentinels and MOAs) and Beasts (Kubrows and Kavats). Robotic companions can equip any sentinel or MOA weapon, while beast companions don’t have weapon sockets. Each companion type also gets its own unique abilities and mod slots that players can leverage. For example, Huras Kubrows can turn invisible, Helios can scan enemies, and the Artax sentinel can freeze foes.

There are various ways to acquire different companion types, including crafting in the Foundry, purchasing, completing specific quests, or incubating Kubrow eggs. Beast companions like Kubrows require stabilizers and genetic materials to craft, while MOAs and Sentinels use robotic materials. Some quests like Howl of the Kubrow provide Kubrow eggs upon completion.

Bond Mods – New Companion Arsenal

bond mods warframe

One of the most impactful additions in the Companion 2.0 update is the introduction of Bond mods. These mods create synergistic links between Warframes and their companions, offering truly unique benefits. For example, the Loyal Hound mod grants +120 armor and knockdown recovery for 45s when you pet your Kubrow. Meanwhile, the Neutron Star mod makes your sentinel’s attacks bypass obstacles and cover.

Bond mods can be purchased from specific NPCs – Master Teasonai in Cetus, The Business in Fortuna, and Loid in the Necralisk. Building an optimal bond with your companion requires picking bond mods that suit your gameplay needs. The mods are relatively cheap, ranging from 1,000 to 6,500 standing, making it easy to acquire them.

The variety of bond mods allows for creative synergies and power boosts. Some offer damage bonuses like Merged Elements which adds radiation damage on your next weapon hit after your sentinel attacks. Others provide utility, such as Oxylus’ Botanist mod that highlights plants on the minimap. Certain bonds enhance mobility, like Swift Mend that grants sprint speed after petting your Smeeta Kavat. The key is identifying effects that complement your Warframe and weapon builds.

When it comes to modding companions themselves, it starts with the essentials. For robotic companions, this means installing Vacuum or Fetch mods to pick up loot. For beast companions, Fetch is a must. Players also need to focus on maximizing the uptime for their companion’s most powerful ability.

Damage and attack speed mods are also crucial for companions to take on enemies. Sentinels require weapon attack mods like Targeting Receptor and Efficient Beams to utilize equipped weapons. Kubrows and Kavats depend more on mods that enhance their natural attacks like Maul and Swipe. Support mods like Calculated Redirection and Protect are useful for tankiness.

Companions Now Unkillable and Powerful

Nautilus, post-companion rework.

Don’t be afraid to go all out. Equip multiple bond mods at max rank to create strong synergies (Here’s a supepr strong build I found for the previously D-Tier Taxon) with your Warframe. Use the newest Primed mods from Baro Ki’Teer like Primed Regen for durability. And fill every slot with the best versions of mods like Animal Instinct and Fetch.

In summary, companions are now more versatile and powerful than ever in Warframe. The Companion 2.0 update takes them beyond just support roles, allowing them to actively contribute in combat and synergize with your playstyle. Whether you prefer the utility of sentinels or the ferocity of beasts, pets are now unkillable assets that can help you domininate the battlefield. Experiment with bond mods and ability synergies to get the most out of your new robotic or furry companions!

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