Limbus Company Adds Two New Poise IDs – Twinhooks Gregor and LCCB Ryoshu

With the release of Limbus Company’s Season 3 Bon Voyage we’ve gotten two brand new IDs – Twinhook Pirates First Mate Gregor and LCCB Ryoshu.

I’ll start off by saying that poise might actually be viable now. It doesn’t stand a chance against charge, tremor or rupture teams, but it’s a step in the right direction. Both of these IDs are relatively self-sufficient, they don’t feed any of their EGOs, but that’s okay. In essence I think we’ll see some niche use of these two as support/solo units in a lot of team comps – I’m already thinking about adding LCCB Ryoshu to a testing Mirror Dungeon team just for her skill 3. But let’s get into the breakdown first.

Twinhook Pirates First Mate Gregor – A Solid Poise User

Twinhook Pirates First Mate Gregor in the new Limbus Company update - Bon Voyage.

Now, this new three star ID looks amazing, the art and animations are a top 3 contender for me. On paper, this ID demands bleed-stacking – think Hook Hong Lu, N Faust, R Heath, R Meursault and the Kurokumo IDs. A team like this seems pretty mashed together, I personally really don’t like Kurokumo Rodya, but Ryoshu works perfectly with this. In theory, with enough bleed+poise, we’ve got a guarenteed crit execute with up to 29 clashing power as Gregor’s 3rd ability. Oh, and it gives a plus coin boost on kill. Again, on paper – insane.

In execution however, we’re not gonna be in those sorts of situations often – leaving me with an okay taste in my mouth. His passive “Bullets are Pricey” is outstanding, doubling the damage on his 3, on top of the guaranteed crit. My only gripe is that he can’t fuel any of his EGOs, an issue I’m sure will be worked out someday.

I’m gonna sit on this one, I think in practice if he can stack enough bleed, he’ll easily solo most content in the game.

LCCB Assistant Manager Ryoshu – Strange, But Viable

LCCB Assistant Manager Ryoshu from the new Limbus Company update - Bon Voyage.

Okay, this is a rough one for me. She seems kinda slated towards newer players who are looking to start stacking tremor and rupture, but lack some of the better 3 stars like Seven Faust, Outis and even some of our W Corp sinners. I think under the right circumstances we’ll see some use, people looking to stack inhuman amounts of rupture will LOVE this ID.

I’m gonna test her out with my Rupture team, keeping Seven Heath, Faust, K Hong Lu, W Yi Sang and a few other flex picks if need be. For Tremor? If used in a full team, she has the chance to double stacks and immediately burst them – basically a free stagger on anyone you want.

LCCB Ryoshu’s Potential

Her poise stacking is nice, who doesn’t love crits? Genuinely though, coin power on poise on all 3 of her abilities is awesome for clashing. We’ll see her used as a miscellaneous support unit, supplying good clashing and offense level down on her 2. New players need to aim for this ID, while I don’t think the first few chapters are too hard. They’ll be even easier with LCCB Ryoshu and some decent DPS IDs like Kurokumo Hong Lu or any Rosespanner IDs.

In conclusion, I’m loving the Chapter 5 story so far, loving the new IDs and I’m super excited for the new EGOs soon. I also can’t wait to watch Twinhook Gregor solo every mirror dungeon boss, those animations are pure cinema.

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