Warframe Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Ending Soon as Vol. 5 Brings Big Changes

The ongoing Nightwave series in Warframe, Nora’s Mix Vol. 4, is set to conclude on November 22 at 2 p.m. ET, according to a recent announcement from Digital Extremes. Players are advised to spend any remaining Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Creds they’ve earned before the season ends, as leftover credits can only be exchanged for regular credits after the event concludes.

New Permanent Weekly Acts

Nora’s Mix Vol. 5 will introduce some significant quality of life changes and additions to the Nightwave system when it arrives shortly after Vol. 4 ends. Most notably, Permanent Weekly Acts will be added which grant Nightwave Standing each week regardless of the active Nightwave Series. Reminiscent of battle pass systems like Fortnite’s – this should provide a more consistent stream of Standing for players looking to earn Nightwave rewards.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Warframe Nightwave Rewards from Nora's Mix Vol.4

Digital Extremes is also removing and revising some existing acts based on player feedback from Nora’s Mix Vol. 4. For example, the generally boring ‘Kill X Enemies’ acts are being shifted in favor of acts that promote more varied gameplay. Additionally, new acts are being added related to the new Duviri Paradox gameplay recently introduced.

As for rewards, Nora’s Mix Vol. 5 will provide some new incentive for completing weekly and elite acts. New cosmetic offerings include Noggle Statues, Glyphs, Kavat & Kubrow armor, and Augment Mods. As usual, previous Nightwave Series rewards will also be making a return so players can earn some items they may have missed before. Creds from Vol. 5 can be used to purchase this refreshed mix of new and returning rewards.

The Nightwave Syndicate from Warframe.

The Nightwave system provides an ongoing series of challenges and acts for players to complete in exchange for unique rewards. It provides a sense of progression outside of the main quests and missions in Warframe. Nora’s Nightwave mixes have seen gradual improvements and iterations since being introduced earlier this year. The changes coming in Nora’s Mix Vol. 5 seem aimed at addressing player feedback and keeping the experience fresh, despite the absence of a new story chapter.

When Is It Dropping?

While an exact date has not been provided yet, Digital Extremes says there will be a brief downtime between the conclusion of Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 and the start of Vol. 5 to allow for transition preparations. They advise players to spend any leftover Vol. 4 creds and prepare for the changes coming in Vol. 5. The release date for Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 5 will be announced very soon.

Of course, the details provided on Nightwave Vol. 5 are subject to change as Digital Extremes finalizes plans leading up to its release. Players are advised to keep an eye on announcements in the coming weeks for more concrete details on start dates, acts, and rewards. But it seems Nora’s Mix is set to bring some big changes when Vol. 5 arrives very soon.

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